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        the Cavern-180H

        เล่นพนันบอลยังไงให้รวย pantip


        ?Websites that are carefully designed for businesses?and organisations
        Midland to Mundaring, Kalamunda to Lesmurdie.

        Sites that are simple, attractive, powerful.

        Why choose Zolid?

        Visitors to your?Zolid designed website shall?be informed quickly and likely to stay longer. The clean open layout and solid feature base makes?your site useful right now?and yet adaptable to change.

        Under the hood we make them lean, speedy?and reliable.

        Zolid will not lock you in on anything. Not?us as the design firm; nor a particular technology – so we use technologies and methods that are well regarded and recent. We use the core parts of WordPress wherever practical.

        But if you do need?extra features (“functionality” or plugins) we will carefully select and set those up.

        And yes, we will listen to your needs and take the time to explain options. We are noted for our collaborative, patient style. You know your business. We know web design. Hence, a collaborative design process works best.

        Let’s start the conversation soon.
        With a simple open layout your message?is read quickly.
        Focusing visitors onto?your main messages?encourages action.

        “Classy without being overly arty and costly.”

        For examples of the open style and several other?styles see our Portfolio
        When you are ready Chat to us

        The Build Steps

        1. decide the layout and
        components together.

        2. we build to this brief;
        configure in detail;
        and fill with content.

        3. we both check
        the site and revise
        where required.

        Making a website can be a challenge for
        the inexperienced. So we speak with
        less jargon?and take the time to explain
        and collaborate with you all the way.

        If you don’t have the time to learn let us
        apply our knowledge
        to make the website for you.

        You may find our Portfolio, Pricing or Our Niche?helpful about now.

        Or dive in and contact us.

        Would you like to clarify something today?
        We like to help

        Or call?0423 326 337

        Wow, not one mention of responsive, HTML5, or themes. ????


        “Brett not only has the technical skills, he is also a joy to work with. He takes the time to listen and understand the “why” behind each of my requests, researching options and providing pros and cons and then delivering promptly and effectively. He is organised and reliable, providing me with status updates and gently keeping me on track.
        Thank you Brett.” Susie Ascott www.presentperfect.com.au

        “Wonderful. This website is beginning to look exactly the way I want. You are doing a great job. Thanks….I had envisaged a simple home page with basic info. This is way better….I appreciate the opportunity to bounce ideas off you.” Stuart K scootahoop.com

        “All good… I thought you’d been busy! Went onto the site with my iPad this afternoon and immediately saw an improvement. …Fonts and spacing are nice and clean… all looks clean and readable. Nothing jars.”… Janet, KCLC

        “Dealing with you brought back the customer care, service and the strategic thought that is so often amiss in the technical web design industry. You provided feedback and options to us every step of the way. Your expertise and efficiency allowed us to migrate our website from Joomla to WordPress quickly and without error.
        While some web designers complete the task you ask of them, you actually took the time to get to know our story, our cause and offered different options and choices. Thanks Brett for listening and understanding our needs.” …?Dympna ADHD Australia.

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